Become a Stockist

In order to meet the needs of our growing North America audience and keep shipping costs down for our customers, we’re always looking for new stockists to carry our expanding premium automotive apparel and wheel care range. So if you think your company has got what it takes and would be well suited to represent the Wheel Whores brand then please contact us.

If approved, we can offer you unbeatable customer service and a dedicated sales person to give you advice on a range of products that best suits you customers, quick delivery times, access to a dedicated wholesale back-section of our website, marketing support, a selection of payment options, but most importantly the rights to sell arguably the most recognized and highly regarded premium quality automotive clothing brand in the world. 

We’re quite a fussy bunch though, so please include information on the following areas or your inquiry may not get answered without this basic information.

Thank you,
Wheel Whores US


  1. How long has your company been trading?
  2. Do you have a website and online shop?
  3. Do you exhibit at any cars show (if so, how many)?
  4. Do you sell any other automotive apparel brands?
  5. Do you stock fake or counterfeit goods?
  6. Do you have a Facebook page?
  7. What does the Wheel Whores brand mean to you?