Iron Hammer Iron Remover

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Product Details

Our pH neutral iron remover is a reactive fall out contamination dissolver which deals with iron and fall out both safely and effectively.   

Due to its deep-cleansing but extremely safe nature our iron remover can be used on all surfaces – not just wheels – and will deal with iron contamination and oily residue without harming paint. Spray on and watch it go to work gradually cleansing the chosen surface, our added gelling agent allowing it to cling for longer and really break down any contamination.  

Directions: Spray on to a cool surface. Allow to work for 3-4 minutes (will turn red/purple when reacting) before rinsing with clean, fresh water. Agitate with a soft brush if need be but don’t allow to dry.

SHOUT: Unique formula developed, tested and produced for us in the UK exclusively by Kleen Freaks.

WARNING: Do not ingest. Keep away from children and pets. Consult doctor immediately if consumed. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.