Good Girl Air Freshener Pack

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Our Good Girl freshener was inspired by the cult skateboarding brand, Hook-Ups, which originated in the mid-90s and spurred a range of skateboard decks and merchandise that, while still produced today, has become highly collectable in the skating circles. Hook-Ups' was founded by pro skateboarder Jeremy Klein, and the trademark style has always been inspired predominately by Japanese anime and this is our vision of what a Wheel Whores version might look like.

FEATURES: Blonde anime girl posing in Wheel Whores I HEART RIMS tank and I HEART POKE hot pants. Grand Whores style writing, pink BBS Turbo Fan, low-profile rubber, it's all in this original piece of artwork. Limited edition prints to follow.

SCENT: Raunchy Raspberry

PACK CONTAINS: 2x air fresheners